This tutorial provides a detailed explanation of how to install and configure the Redis database on a server with Linux CentOS 7 distribution and of how to improve your database security and create a replica installation.

CentOS Database Redis

16 Jan 2020

Guide to learn how to install and manage the best MongoDB, non-relational or NoSQL database, on Linux distribution Ubuntu 18.04.

Database MongoDB Ubuntu

16 Jan 2020

In the guide you will find all the information on how to install and correctly configure the open-source database PostgreSQL on Linux Ubuntu 18.04.

Database PostgreSQL

16 Jan 2020

This tutorial will help you learn about some of the most used tools to perform automatic and periodic backups of MySQL databases on Linux Ubuntu.

Backup Database MySQL

18 Jan 2020

This guide will help you install MySQL on your server, properly configure database replication from the primary server to the slave, and verify its operation with test data.

Database MySQL

18 Jan 2020

In this guide you will learn how to install the phpMyAdmin GUI to create, store and edit MySQL databases, and how to secure its access on Linux Ubuntu 18.04.

Database MySQL Ubuntu Web Hosting

23 Jan 2020

In this tutorial you will learn how to install and configure a Database Server with MariaDB and to set up automatic backups using Jelastic Cloud.

Database Jelastic Cloud

26 Mar 2020

Thanks to this beginner’s guide you will be able to take your first steps in using MySQL and learn different notions and commands useful for database and table management.

Database MySQL

28 May 2020

In this guide, after installing MySQL on Ubuntu 18.04, you will learn how to create a new MySQL user and how to grant permissions and privileges on specific databases or tables, using the grant and revoke commands.

Database MySQL

08 Jun 2020
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