Aruba Cloud Object Storage

Store large volumes of data securely

from € 0.011 /GB/month + VAT

  • S3 compatible
  • Multiple copies of data on separate storage devices
  • 7 data centers across Europe for locating data
  • Dedicated technical support

S3 compatible Cloud Object Storage

Aruba Cloud Object Storage is the ideal solution for cloud archiving: reliable, flexible and with transparent pricing, for the storage of petabyte of non-structured data. Our service is S3 compatible, offers maximum redundancy thanks to multiple replication on separate disks and allows users to choose where their data is geographically stored. With guaranteed high performance, our solution lets you manage large volumes of data with intensive read-write operations, fully compliant with security and privacy standards and with dedicated support channels.

Cloud Object Storage is ideal for

Rich media

Distributing and archiving content

Video surveillance

Saves your recordings on the Cloud

Backup of critical data

Top resilience at affordable prices

Big Data and IoT data

Scalability for the most innovative technology

Main features of the service and pricing


  • API S3 compatible
  • Multiple redundancies of data on separate storage devices (distributed erasure code)
  • 7 data centers across Europe
  • Dedicated technical support
  • Unlimited incoming traffic
  • Pay-per-use pricing or plans
  • Login using HTTPS and FTPS protocol
  • ACL rules for data access
  • Object locking for immutable files
  • Unlimited requests

Package Disk space Outgoing traffic Cost per hour  
Pay-per-use usage based per 10 GB blocks € 0.50 + VAT per 10 GB € 0.00028 + VAT START NOW

Package Disk space Outgoing traffic Monthly cost Monthly cost per GB  
Storage 4.000 4 TB 40 TB € 60.00 + VAT € 0.015 + VAT AcquistaSTART NOW
Storage 8.000 8 TB 80 TB € 110.00 + VAT € 0.014 + VAT AcquistaSTART NOW
Storage 16.000 16 TB 160 TB € 200.00 + VAT € 0.013 + VAT AcquistaSTART NOW
Storage 24.000 24 TB 240 TB € 290.00 + VAT € 0.012 + VAT AcquistaSTART NOW
Storage 32.000 32 TB 320 TB € 370.00 + VAT € 0.012 + VAT AcquistaSTART NOW
Storage 48.000 48 TB 480 TB € 540.00 + VAT € 0.011 + VAT AcquistaSTART NOW
Storage 64.000 64 TB 640 TB € 690.00 + VAT € 0.011 + VAT AcquistaSTART NOW
Storage 128.000 128 TB 1280 TB € 1,370.00 + VAT € 0.011 + VAT AcquistaSTART NOW
Storage 256.000 256 TB 2000 TB € 2,700.00 + VAT € 0.011 + VAT AcquistaSTART NOW

Why choose Cloud Object Storage?

S3 compatible

Compatibility with the S3 protocol allows you to use any application or tool that supports S3 APIs.

Scalable and with transparent pricing

Make the most of the flexibility of cloud computing to adapt the service to suit your needs: only use the storage you need with the pay-per-use model, or choose a package price plan that you can change at any time.

Reliable and redundant

Data is saved in multiple copies on different disks and servers. In addition, robust cloud infrastructure guarantees data redundancy and protection from hardware failures.

Sensitive data protection

Data security is guaranteed at login thanks to ACL (Access Control List) rules, during transmission by HTTPS and FTPS protocols and by Object Lock encrypted storage.

Regional location

Keep full control of your data, choosing to store them in one of the 7 data centers of the international Aruba Cloud network.

Dedicated technical support

Our dedicated support service is available 24/7, in addition to our Knowledge Base which provides guides, tips and video tutorials.