Virtual Private Cloud

The advantages of a safe and made-to-measure environment from just € 196.80/month + VAT

  • Efficient management with VMware Cloud Director
  • Interoperability towards other public or private clouds
  • Development of Cloud Native microservices
  • Monthly rate, no surprises
Set up your cloud vpc

Virtual Private Cloud: security, scalability and flexibility

The VMware Cloud Director virtualization platform natively integrates all the features of Aruba Virtual Private Cloud and allows you to manage computational network resources in real time, and create virtual data centers with virtual machines, firewalls and networks. What's more, it guarantees the interoperability of your VPC with other infrastructures, such as hybrid or public cloud, based on VMware Cloud Director.

aruba virtual private cloud

  • Autonomous management with Cloud Director
  • VMware NSX-T for private network and firewall
  • 4 public IPs
  • NVMe storage with at-rest encryption
  • Container management with VMware Tanzu
  • Managed solutions on request
  • Business Continuity option
  • Disaster Recovery option

VPC configurations: here are some examples of how you can customize the service based on your needs from the control panel.

Solutions for vCPUs RAM Storage type Storage Monthly cost  
Small cloud production environments that require high performance disks and HA 8 16 GB Performance Plus 220 GB € 196.80 + VAT Acquista
Test or development environments up to 4 VM that do not require high IOPS 8 24 GB Capacity 960 GB € 233.60 + VAT Acquista
Test or development cloud environments up to 8 VM that require high reliability but not high IOPS 16 24 GB Capacity Plus 480 GB € 313.60 + VAT Acquista
Production environments with intensive IOPS up to 8 VM 16 32 GB Performance 480 GB € 345.60 + VAT Acquista
Cloud production environments with intense workloads and IOPS up to 16 VM 32 64 GB Performance 640 GB € 652.80 + VAT Acquista

Set up the configuration to suit your needs

Customize your virtual data center, with predictable costs.


Virtual Private Cloud is ideal for:

Protecting your infrastructure from ransomware

Create a second off-site backup copy in just a few clicks, that is encrypted, immutable and secure in Aruba data centers.

Guarantee business continuity for your virtual data center

Rely on the redundancy offered by the geographical distribution of our data center network.

Disaster recovery with VMware vCAV

Thanks to a user-friendly console, you can plan and test replication and recovery of cloud environments or on-premises infrastructure.

Restore vApp and VM with Veeam Cloud Backup

Use Cloud Bare Metal Backup for the fast, flexible and reliable backup of virtualized applications and data of entire VMs.

Cloud Native development with VMware Tanzu

Deploy microservices and applications more easily, harnessing the potential of Kubernetes technology.

VMware Chargeback* monitoring

Keep track of workloads and the operating efficiency of your Virtual Private Cloud infrastructure.

*Service also called vROPS Tenant APP.

Virtual Private Cloud pricing

Learn about pricing of all Aruba Virtual Private Cloud components

vCPU and RAM
Description Price
vCPU (+1 GHz) €10.00/30 days + VAT
RAM (+1 GB) €4.00/30 days + VAT
€20.00/30 days + VAT
€8.00/30 days + VAT
€5.00/30 days + VAT
€2.00/30 days + VAT

* Available for new activations on data centers IT1 and IT3.

Description Price
€0.60/30 days + VAT
€1.20/30 days + VAT
€1.20/30 days + VAT
€2.40/30 days + VAT
€0.60/30 days + VAT
€1.20/30 days + VAT
€0.90/30 days + VAT
€1.80/30 days + VAT
€1.50/30 days + VAT
€3.00/30 days + VAT

* Available for new activations on data centers IT1 and IT3.

Description Price
Firewall - Gateway Edge Full €24.20/30 days + VAT
Additional public IP addresses €3.60/30 days + VAT
Additional Vlans free

Description Price
€12.00/month + VAT*
€24.00/month + VAT *

Microsoft SQL Server
Description Price
Web Edition license €5.26/month/vCPU + VAT*
Standard Edition license €83.70/month/vCPU + VAT*
Enterprise Edition license €322.00/month/vCPU + VAT*

Microsoft Remote Desktop Services
Description Price
Windows Server – RDS license (1CAL) €8.02/month + VAT

*Minimum installation 4 vCPUs.

DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service)
Description Price (per virtual machine)
Zerto €50.00/month + VAT
Veeam Cloud Connect Replication €14.00/month + VAT per license
VMware vCAV €10.00/month + VAT

Cloud Bare Metal Backup
Description Price (per virtual machine)
Veeam Bare Metal Backup (per VM)* €13.50/month + VAT
Veeam Bare Metal Backup 100 GB* €1.50/month + VAT
Cloud Bare Metal Backup 1.000 GB* €14.00/month + VAT
Cloud Bare Metal Backup 100 GB with second copy off-site* €4.00/month + VAT
Cloud Bare Metal Backup 1.000 GB with second copy off-site* €37.50/month + VAT

* Available for new activations on data centers IT1 and IT3.

Cloud Unified Storage
Description Price (per virtual machine)
€50.00/month + VAT
€100.00/month + VAT

Interconnection services
Description Price (per virtual machine)
Hybrid Unified Storage interconnection (10 Gb/s) €68.20/month + VAT
Hybrid Cloud interconnection (1 VLAN) €68.20/month + VAT
Hybrid Cloud interconnection (5 VLAN) €136.40/month + VAT
Hybrid Cloud interconnection (10 VLAN) €272.80/month + VAT

Description Price (per virtual machine)
1,00€/month per GB RAM

Aruba Virtual Private Cloud offers a wide range of options.

  • Centos
  • Windows
  • Oracle
  • MySQL
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Plesk
  • Sense
  • Ubuntu
  • OpenSUSE
  • WordPress
  • Apache
  • Nextcloud
  • Nginx
  • Debian
  • Free BSD

Configure your Cloud VPC

Start with the basic configuration, explore each resource in detail and build an infrastructure tailor-made to your requirements

Do you need support with configuration?

If you do not have the technical skills, our consultants can help you configure the VPC to best suit your needs.

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We rely on the experience of Veeam for data backup and restore, disaster recovery and intelligent data management solutions for our virtual infrastructures.


Pioneering cloud-based emergency recovery software, Zerto offers the best solution for guaranteeing our customers business continuity.