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Transparent and Guaranteed Service

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Aruba Cloud Computing is provided via the Group's Data Center and defines the reference parameters for supplying the service with 99.95% uptime defined as follows:

  • 99.95% uptime on an annual basis, for the availability of physical nodes (servers) hosting the virtual infrastructure
    for the Cloud Server Smart service the uptime is 99.80% on a per-year basis
  • 99.95% uptime on an annual basis, and accessibility through the internet with virtual infrastructure created and allocated by the Customer
    for the Cloud Server Smart service the uptime is 99.80% on a per-year basis
  • 100% uptime on an annual basis for power and air conditioning

To discover more, we invite you to download the following document: SLA_Aruba_Cloud_Computing.pdf  

Terms and conditions

The supply contract includes the policies and agreements that are concluded between the company and the customer. Obligations, rights of both parties are expressed.


Service Level Agreement

The Service level Agreement document outlines the commitments that Aruba makes to the customer in terms of the quality of the service.


Aruba Services User Policy

This Policy sets the acceptable use guidelines and behavior that users are expected to follow.


Privacy Policy

This document describes manners, times and procedures concerning the processing of customers' data in compliance with all the applicable laws.


CISPE code of conduct

Data protection code of conduct that allows customers to process and save their data exclusively within the EU/EEA. More information >>


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