Aruba Cloud Kubernetes solutions

Our Kubernetes open source solutions are designed to meet ever-changing business needs and to offer customers solutions for the future.

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Why choose Kubernetes technology?

Kubernetes provides a simple, scalable way of distributing applications using container technology. It allows you to improve workload balance, helps manage applications and services across multiple containers and guarantees maximum scalability and integrity over time.


Create applications in DevSecOps mode using microservices.

no lock-in

Kubernetes is an open source solution that allows you to migrate workloads to any destination, at any time.


Automatically scale resources at any time, even with the help of dedicated managed services.

reduced time to market

More regular releases of services and new features.

Aruba added value

Cloud solutions provided from our network of data centers ensure the highest standards of infrastructure.

stable and secure

Support and managed services for the platform, option to protect all layers of applications from attacks and vulnerabilities.

latest generation technology

We provide state-of-the-art infrastructure technology to ensure maximum performance and efficiency.

Aruba Kube

arubakube, cloud native competence center

ArubaKube is the Aruba center of excellence for research, development and innovation in Cloud Native technology and open source projects, with particular focus on Kubernetes. It provides technology consulting and develops solutions to simplify the adoption and management of cloud computing.

We provide Kubernetes solutions for businesses of all sizes

Our technology ecosystem is based on state-of-the-art hardware and our own data center network in Europe.

VMware Tanzu on Aruba Virtual Private Cloud
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Aruba Managed Kubernetes

The simplest way to manage your Kubernetes clusters.

Out KaaS solution is based on next-generation hardware and on our proprietary European data center network. Aruba Managed Kubernetes is designed specifically for developers and enables you to create clusters in record time and to orechestrate containerised applications efficently, scalably and securely. Please contact our team of experts for more informaton.

Aruba Managed Hybrid Cloud powered by Red Hat OpenShift

Aruba Managed Hybrid Cloud powered by Red Hat OpenShift

Fast, flexible application solutions for public, private and hybrid cloud environments.

The partnership between Aruba Enterprise and Red Hat was born to enable businesses to provide services faster, develop and manage applications from anywhere, react promptly to future technological developments, have better control of processes and transfer data in the most suitable environments. All of this with no vendor lock-in.

VMware Tanzu on Aruba Virtual Private Cloud

VMware Tanzu on Aruba Virtual Private Cloud

For developing cloud native microservices

Available with Aruba Virtual Private Cloud, this solution allows teams of developers to improve productivity and innovation, act fast to ensure software distribution and to promote efficiency and scalability in the development of cloud native applications.

Jelastic Cloud

Aruba Jelastic Cloud

Maximum scalability thanks to container technology

Jelastic Cloud offers over 50 optimized and preconfigured applications, all installed with a handy widget in a single platform. For example? Create a Kubernetes cluster without needing manual deployment procedures and benefit from the scalability of container applications.