Data center DE1, Germany

Surface area:

19,000 m²

Power supply:

10 Megawatts of electrical power are provided to the servers. The system is entirely redundant and equipped with double conversion UPS systems.


Frankfurt, Germany

Redundant power generators:

The data center is equipped with autonomous power generators with underground fuel tanks able to provide energy to the entire data center even at full capacity. These generators start providing energy after the batteries from the UPS system.

Redundancy of air conditioning systems:

The air conditioning systems in server and power rooms are made of multiple redundant appliances with a cooling capacity of 1.5 kW/m².

Bandwidth of 20 Gb/s:

Our installation benefits from a bandwidth of 20 Gb/s, provided through fiber-optic connections to the most important national and international service providers and to the main network access points (NAP).

Physical security:

The data center has automatic fire detection and suppression systems, harmless for the people and the electronic appliances. A system dedicated to the detection of leaks and flood is also present. The building is also equipped with armored doors and windows, an intrusion alarm system and a biometric access control.
Finally, a closed-circuit television system (CCTV) enables the monitoring of the entire building.

Monitoring 24x7:

The data center is controlled by a monitoring team 24/7 and 365 days a year and is moreover monitored by the technical team from Aruba’s NOC (Network Operations Center).

Certifications ISO 9001 e ISO 27001:

The data center is certified ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013 for its quality.