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Aruba Cloud is our Cloud service brand for the European market. Designed with an aim to provide a complete range of Cloud services, it meets the needs of companies whatever their project may be. Developing a Virtual Infrastructure, archiving and sharing data, setting up disaster recovery plans, externalizing backups or even developing SaaS solutions from your software… the products are a blank canvas on which customers can express their ideas. Aruba Cloud’s commitment is based on 2 main factors:

  • Infrastructure and data where your customers are based

    The group is developing a strong European network already with 4 privately owned Data Centers in Italy and the Czech Republic, completed with a network of partner Data Centers in France, the UK, Germany and Poland.

  •  A free approach to the world of Cloud Computing

    Our solutions allow our customers to choose which virtualization technology to use, where to install their virtual servers and what to install on them… all of this through a single control panel and public APIs.

8 Data Centers in 6 European countries
100.000 m2 covered area dedicated to data centers
over140 Gb/s connectivity between the Data Centers and the Internet


The services of the Aruba group are provided through 4 privately owned Data Centers: 1 is located in the province of Bergamo, in Ponte San Pietro (Milan PSP), 2 are in Italy (Arezzo), and the fourth data center is found in Ktiš (Czech Republic), which is mainly dedicated to Central and Eastern Europe. In addition to these Data Centers, we have Partner infrastructures which provide services on a European level from: Frankfurt, Paris, London and Warsaw.
Aruba Data Centers, are designed based on the highest standards in terms of reliability, performance and security. Connected to the Internet with over 140 Gb/s, they ensure twice the transmission capacity compared to the actual requirement, guaranteeing service continuity and quality.

Aruba S.p.A., founded in 1994 in Arezzo, is a leader in domain hosting and domain registrations in Italy and Eastern Europe, with over 2 million customers and partners which allow the group to be positioned as one of the top-five hosting companies in Europe and top-ten companies worldwide. In addition to the Web Hosting and certified email services, Aruba also provides dedicated server solutions, housing, managed services and has a strong experience in Data Center management. Since 2011, Aruba has been offering Cloud services based on the IaaS model, through the Aruba Cloud brand. These Cloud Computing and Cloud Object Storage services are supported by a network of privately owned and partner Data Centers, including the latest Data Center in Arezzo, one of the few Tier 4*/Rating 4 data centers in Italy, opened in 2012.

Aruba Business S.r.l. ( part of the Aruba group, was founded in 2015 with the vision of creating a single safe channel dedicated to the Enterprise market and Business Partners.
The team, made up of professionals with years of experience gained in the industry and within the Aruba group, offers not only IT services such as Web Hosting, Domains, Cloud, e-Security and Data Center services, but also strategic projects created and managed to suit customers and solutions aimed at resellers interested in offering a complete portfolio of services to their customers.

The Forpsi group ( has been operating in Central Europe since 1997. With its HQ in Ktiš (Czech Republic) and facilities in Poland, Hungary and Slovakia, it offers a vast range of Internet services including domain, web hosting, dedicated server services, VPS and housing solutions. The company has been part of the Aruba Group since 2005 and is currently the largest domain Registrar in the Czech Republic. FORPSI also offers cloud services through the FORPSICLOUD brand in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and the ARUBACLOUD brand in Poland and Hungary.

In 2014 Aruba won the prestigious .cloud domain extension, becoming the official .cloud Domain Registry and therefore confirming its presence in the cloud marketplace, already strong in Europe, and the rest of the world.

* The term ‘Tier’ was used in the ANSI/TIA-942 Standard until the ANSI/TIA-942:March-2014 edition. In the March 2014 edition the term ‘Tier’ has been replaced by either 'Rated' or 'Rating'.

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