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Aruba Cloud – About us

Aruba Cloud is our Cloud service brand for the European market. Designed with an aim to provide a complete range of Cloud services, it meets the needs of companies whatever their project may be. Developing a Virtual Infrastructure, archiving and sharing data, setting up disaster recovery plans, externalizing backups or even developing SaaS solutions from your software, our products are a blank canvas on which customers can express their ideas. Aruba Cloud’s commitment is based on 2 main factors:

  • Infrastructure and data where your customers are based

    The group is developing a strong European network already with 4 privately owned Data Centers in Italy and the Czech Republic, completed with a network of partner Data Centers in France, the UK, Germany and Poland.

  • A free approach to the world of Cloud Computing

    Our solutions allow customers to choose which virtualization technology to use, where to install their virtual servers and what to install on them. All of this through a single control panel and public APIs.

Data Center Network

The services of the Aruba group are provided through 4 privately owned data centers: 3 are in Italy located in Bergamo (Milan PSP, IT3) and Arezzo (IT1, IT2), and the fourth data center is found in Ktiš (Czech Republic), which is mainly dedicated to Central and Eastern Europe. In addition to these Data Centers, we have Partner infrastructures which provide services on a European level from Frankfurt, Paris, London and Warsaw.

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