Become an Aruba Cloud Partner

  • Different levels of white-labeling
  • Easy and fast management
  • Multi-location Top Cloud services for your customers
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With Aruba, you create your own solution! We guarantee the best prices and top performances.

Join the Partner Program

  • Sell Cloud white-label solutions:
    Develop your own Cloud service range and resell it at the price that you choose together with your own services: whether you're a small hosting company, media agency or a consulting firm, you can easily develop a Cloud solution that suits your needs and those of your customers. Redefine the price of each component, add your services (support, installation, training) and sell at your own price.
  • Offer your software-as-a-service:
    Create a Virtual Machine template with your preinstalled software and its dedicated server configuration, then store it on your personal space. Use our Cloud APIs (Application Programming Interface) to connect your application to our Cloud platform and improve the efficiency of your application. You can then resell your software in a SaaS delivery model at your own price.
  • Bundle Cloud products with any other service:
    Monitoring, software, consulting, infrastructure development...

Aruba Cloud Partner: what are the benefits? 

Our Partner program offers a wide range of advantages:

  • 1st level White-label
    Our interface and products are provided as a full white-label solution on a first level. With a white-label solution you can resell our products without your customers knowing that the service is in fact provided by Aruba. 
  • You can define your own products and prices
    Our Partner program enables you to create your own personal data center very easily. Create your Cloud products, such as SaaS solutions, and set your own prices, even for each single customer. Together with the white-label solution and our affordable pricing plans, you can create a unique solution to dominate the market just as you would like.
  • All the advantages of your own Cloud products
    If you’ve already tried our products, you know how efficient and affordable they are. Benefit from the full scalability offered by Cloud products and our European network of data centers. At the same time, you will be able to optimize your costs by paying only for the resources you and your customers need and your infrastructure will be more dynamic, growing together with your needs.
  • You decide how your customers access and manage their Cloud
    The system gives you complete freedom over access rights for specific functions. You can therefore give your skilled users access to more functions, while keeping the infrastructure of your regular customers under your control.
  • Check how much you and your customers are consuming
    We provide you with monitoring tools to project costs, check and monitor the consumption of each user and each single resource.

Top quality products and services for your customers

Our Partner Program enables you to rely on us to take care of the Infrastructure for you. Our aim is to provide you with leading Cloud Services and Infrastructures to improve your business and make your life easier. We are constantly improving our infrastructure to make sure we keep the highest standards of quality and our efficient Customer Care service guarantees the highest level of service for your customers.