Cloud DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service)

Protect your Private Cloud infrastructure easily and safely

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) allows you to protect your infrastructure both within your business and within the Aruba Private Cloud, professionally, simply and safely.

Service to help ensure GDPR compliance

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By using the self-service web panel via secure connection, you can create Disaster Recovery plans and policies, by choosing the source (Primary site) and the destination (Secondary site) from your VMware on-premise virtual infrastructures and Aruba data centers providing the Private Cloud service.

In a matter of minutes you can create self-consistent replicas between remote sites and activate a Disaster Recovery process.

Each Disaster Recovery solution has two measurement parameters:


  • RPO (Recovery Point Objective): indicates the data loss tolerance of your process in case of disaster.
  • RTO (Recovery Time Objective): represents the time required in order to restore your services on the disaster recovery site.
The replication system used by the service is based on Zerto technology, which optimizes, deduplicates and compresses the data to be protected guaranteeing minimum impact and reducing the RTO to periods which can vary from a few seconds to a few minutes, even for international distances.

A low RTO is ensured by easy use, a simple and safe web panel which, in a single step, allows you to automatically start the recovery process. In just a few seconds the system is able to switch the production workload to the disaster recovery site.

To verify your disaster recovery process you can simply run a Disaster Recovery test at any time. The test attempts to restore the system, by activating the servers on the Secondary site, without interfering with the production servers (Primary site), allowing you to check that the replication and disaster recovery process are working correctly.

Like with all Aruba services, this solution also comes with the “Managed” option. Consider letting our qualified technical team fully manage your Disaster Recovery solution.

To activate this service you need to have a Private Cloud infrastructure

For more info please contact us on +39 0575 0505

Support and SLA

Aruba offers its Private Cloud customers two different support options: phone support and support tickets. In both cases customers can speak directly to Aruba’s qualified technical staff who can help with any questions.

Service General Features

Technical Specifications
Uptime SLA 99.95%
Support Included via ticketing system and phone support
Billing Monthly
Minimum duration of contract 1 month
Datacenter in which the service can be activated IT1, IT3, CZ1, FR1, PL1, on premise

Software Features

Technical Specifications
Software used for replication Zerto (
Control system HTTPS web control panel found in each datacenter enabled for the service.
WAN Optimization Yes. Via deduplication and compression technology.
Instant visibility of the RPO Yes. In seconds and minutes.
Non disruptive functionality of DR tests Yes. You can test your DR at any time without disrupting production.
Functionality of reverse synchronization Yes. Allows you to reverse the replication process to return from Disaster Recovery to production.
Maximum number of VMs to manage Unlimited.
Possibility to customize the DR networks Yes, for each machine. You can define different networks for tests and real disaster.
Possibility to customize the DR datastore Yes, for each machine.
Possibility to replicate on-premise infrastructures Yes, both for the source and destination of the replication.
“Managed” option Yes, available as an option. The service can be fully managed by the Aruba qualified technical team.

Technical Support Features

Technical Specifications
24/7 support  
Availability of technical support service 24/7/365 with 15 minute average processing time

The GDPR Ready features of our Disaster Recovery as a Service solution

  • Resilience

    Redundant storage at different data centers in the Private Cloud infrastructure to guarantee the resilience of processing systems and services
    (More details: GDPR - Art. 32, paragraph 1 b)

  • Restore

    The production workload switches to the disaster recovery site in a matter of seconds to restore the availability and access to personal data in a timely manner.
    (More details: GDPR - Art. 32, paragraph 1 c)

  • Live testing

    Possibility of carrying out disaster recovery tests for regularly testing, assessing the effectiveness of technical and organizational measures.
    (More details: GDPR – Art. 32, paragraph 1 d)

  • Redundant storage

    Redundant block storage on SSD devices.
    (More details: GDPR – Art. 32, paragraph 1 b)

  • Redundant network

    The network infrastructure to which the VM hosts are connected is fully redundant to guarantee continuity of operation in the event of a problem.
    (More details: GDPR – Art. 32, paragraph 1 b)

  • Machine snapshot

    Option to create copies of the virtual machine at a given point in time.
    (More details: GDPR – Art. 32, paragraph 1 c)

  • You choose where your data is stored

    Option to choose the infrastructure where your service is deployed from the Aruba Cloud Data Center network throughout Europe.
    (More details: GDPR – Recital 101)

Adapt to the GDPR in your Aruba Cloud environment

Rely on us to provide you with valuable services to help you meet the requirements of the regulation

You and you alone control
the data that you put on our cloud


You and you alone control the data that you put on our cloud

Your data within our infrastructure is completely under your control. The data you put on our cloud is not accessed nor used in any way: we won't sell your data to third parties or trade in your data. All of this is guaranteed and certified as our services comply with the CISPE Code of Conduct.

European network
and Rating 4 data centers


European network and Rating 4 data centers

Our European network means you can choose from 3 data centers in Italy and 5 more in Europe: you can activate your cloud services in a matter of minutes in any desired infrastructures. Our Milan PSP and Arezzo data centers boast the highest levels for resilience and infrastructure quality stipulated by the ANSI/TIA 942 standard.

Our customers' data
is kept in Europe


Our customers' data is kept in Europe is a brand belonging to the Aruba group: your personal and administrative data is managed in Europe, in accordance with European legislation. Aruba uses it exclusively to provide the services you have purchased. Your data is not sold to third parties, because our business is to provide cloud services, not to commercialize our customers' data.

The highest standards when
it comes to privacy and confidentiality


The highest standards when it comes to privacy and confidentiality

Our cloud infrastructure is not subject to US laws and regulations, such as the Patriot Act or the FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act), which impose measures allowing access to data and information, with a significant effect on privacy.

ISO 27001 certification


ISO 27001 certification

Compliance with certain security standards in the management of company data and information, preserving its integrity, confidentiality and availability.

Infrastructure security


Infrastructure security

All Aruba Data Centers are equipped with advanced logical and physical security systems (surveillance, monitoring, backup power supplies and redundant systems).

Operating systems and applications

Lots of preconfigured templates available, including:


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