Private Cloud


Configure your virtual data center, with no unexpected costs

See how easy it is to calculate the cost of your virtual data center: start with the basic configuration, regulate each resource and build yourself a tailor-made infrastructure.

The cost? Aruba Private Cloud guarantees no surprises: complete control over the infrastructure means that the cost of the resources is clear and predictable and not subject to any unauthorized changes.

Microsoft Windows Server licenses may be used in the system without the need to report them. The system automatically identifies them, and the related resources in your Virtual Data Center are reduced accordingly. Further information is available in the Knowledge Base »

 As well as the hardware resources, a large number of software licenses are also available.
Find out more in the price list or talk to our advisers.

Additional Resources

Description Price
vCPU (+2 GhZ) €20.00/30 days + VAT
RAM (+2 GB) €8.00/30 days + VAT
€5.00/30 days + VAT
€2.00/30 days + VAT
€0.60/30 days + VAT
€1.20/30 days + VAT
€0.90/30 days + VAT
€1.80/30 days + VAT
€1.50/30 days + VAT
€3.00/30 days + VAT
Firewall - Gateway Edge Full €24.20/30 days + VAT
Additional public IP addresses €3.60/30 days + VAT
Additional Vlans free

Software Licenses


Description Price
Microsoft Windows Server license €12.00/month + VAT *

Microsoft SQL Server

Description Price
Web Edition license €5.26/month + VAT
Standard Edition license €83.70/month + VAT
Enterprise Edition license €322.00/month + VAT

Microsoft Remote Desktop Services

Description Price
Windows Server – RDS license (1CAL) €8.02/month + VAT

*For each GHz that is allocated to the Windows Server OS.


 Additional services

DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service)

Description Price (per virtual machine)
Zerto €50.00/month + VAT
Veeam Cloud Connect Replication (1 VM) €14.00/month + VAT per license

Cloud Bare Metal Backup

Description Price (per virtual machine)
Veeam - Standard Plan: 200 GB €12.00/month + VAT
Veeam - Large Plan: 2 TB €36.00/month + VAT

Cloud Unified Storage

Description Price (per virtual machine)
Cloud Unified Storage - 500GB plan €50.00/month + VAT
Cloud Unified Storage PLUS - 500GB plan €100.00/month + VAT

Interconnection services

Description Price (per virtual machine)
Hybrid Unified Storage interconnection (10 Gb/s) €68.20/month + VAT
Hybrid Cloud interconnection (1 VLAN) €68.20/month + VAT
Hybrid Cloud interconnection (5 VLAN) €136.40/month + VAT
Hybrid Cloud interconnection (10 VLAN) €272.80/month + VAT

With Private Cloud you get many
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