Manage and autoscale your WordPress website

With Jelastic Cloud, you can manage and autoscale your WordPress website, without having to worry about the infrastructure. By virtualizing hardware resources, Jelastic Cloud allows you to create, clone and distribute cluster environments to meet all of your needs.

By dynamically and transparently resizing your resources, you can automatically adjust your infrastructure's hardware power in real time, and automatically multiply and distribute all the instances you need dynamically and without any disruption to the service.

Some of the benefits

Infrastructure management

Total freedom in managing the infrastructure

Traffic scaling strategy

Scaling strategy based on traffic

Autoconfigurazione protocollo HTTPS

Auto-configuration of the HTTPS protocol

WordPress direct access

Direct access to the WordPress instance


Get started in a few simple steps

Go to Marketplace and select WordPress Cluster

The ability to run WordPress in clusters is one of the main benefits of Jelastic Cloud. In seconds, the most widely used CMS in the world can be distributed in a cluster architecture to optimize website performance and adaptability. To install the architecture of your choice, go to the Jelastic Marketplace, select WordPress Cluster, and then proceed with the installation. You can use WordPress in clusters immediately in production, and you can also create development environments to test your applications and use different versions of PHP.

Set up the Scaling Strategy and install the SSL Certificate

Set up the perfect scaling strategy for you (low, medium, high), based on the traffic load on your website: indicate whether you want to scale resources more or less aggressively according to the volume of traffic that you expect to have to manage, and request installation of the SSL certificate (Secure Sockets Layer).

Log on to the WordPress instance and manage components (database, network etc.)

Once you have finished deploying the Cluster, log in directly to the WordPress instance that has been created, where you will be able to manage all the components that have been configured automatically (database, network etc.).

Link the URL for your website to the new Jelastic environment

Go to settings and link your domain to the Jelastic Cloud environment that has been created, replacing the URL for the environment with the URL for your website.
The WordPress cluster is ready for production with high-availability features and resistance to attacks on the security of Web applications.

Horizontal and vertical scalability

By clicking on “change environment typology” you can change all the settings for the Cluster, both to scale the resources allocated to it (vertical scalability) and to increase or decrease the number of nodes (horizontal scalability). You can also set limits for automatic scalability so that your costs are always under control.

This scalability is made possible thanks to Docker container technology, which means you can run applications according to the Container as a Service model (CaaS), and Cloudlets, units corresponding to 400Mhz of CPU and 128MB of RAM, which you can use to define the size of your environments, thus ensuring maximum efficiency in terms of the resources used without any waste caused by services not being used.

In particular, vertical scalability is especially flexible thanks to the differentiation between reserved cloudlets (which are always active, regardless of workload) and dynamic cloudlets, in other words the maximum amount of resources that can automatically be assigned to the node if needed.

Added to this is horizontal scalability, which can be automated according to configurable triggers: in practical terms, it means that, for example, the number of nodes can be increased or decreased if the system registers a load on the application server above or below a certain threshold continuously for a set number of minutes. The service is available on a pay-per-use basis on an hourly basis, as well as in preconfigured plans, with fixed monthly fees.


Jelastic Cloud offers a convenient solution to all your needs with peak traffic, making scaling possible even on the database, so that you can always rely on the highest performance levels, thanks to an automatic horizontal and vertical scalability system, based on traffic.

Each environment is configurable as a whole and for core components, and can be fully monitored, from configuring SSL certificates and DNS records to creating complex, automated node structures. The pre-configured WordPress cluster is available on the Marketplace with a series of installation options, including the SSL certificate to guarantee a highly secure connection and the MariaDB Galera cluster. It only takes a few minutes!