CaaS - Application Platform

With Application Platform you can work on the platform and make the most of the advantages of Docker container technology. This means you can run applications containerized in the Cloud according to the Container as a Service model, quickly and easily.

Jelastic Cloud e container Docker

Using containers in Application Platform

A container (or node) represents an isolated virtual instance to which you can assign computational resources (CPU, RAM and HD) to use for managing programs and applications.

Container Docker pronti all'uso

Ready-to-use containers

There are dozens of Docker containter images distributed by the leading hubs, as well as the option to add customized containers.

Accesso sicuro ai container

Comfortable, secure development

Intuitive user interface, open APIs available and secure access to the containers thanks to the SSH protocol.

Get the most out of container architecture

CaaS is a type of virtualization based on the use of container units that rely on a cluster of computers available to users in a Cloud infrastructure.


Portabilità dei container

Container portability means you can run instances on multiple providers.


Risorse isolate dei container

Each container's resources are isolated from those of other containers.


Possibilità rollback versione

Docker lets you roll back to the previous version in a few minutes.


Possibilità creazione ambiente di test e sviluppo

Ability to ensure continuity in test and development environments.