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Our Private Cloud is an IaaS service that lets you create Virtual Data Centers with virtual servers, firewalls and networks, with the option to expand and reduce depending on your specific needs.


With Aruba Cloud you can deploy your infrastructure in a Private Cloud with the amount of resources to suit your needs.


Our Private Cloud lets you pay for the resources you reserve on a monthly basis.


Private Cloud enables to manage your own resources.


The Aruba Private Cloud solution allows you to change the number of resources at any time, based on your requirements.


The Private Cloud gives you both computational resources and network resources for your exclusive use.

The Private Cloud solution gives you more control over your cloud infrastructure, so you can manage your resources in real time independently.


Created and designed for enterprise and business.

The Private Cloud solution has been created and designed for  enterprise  and business customers who need guaranteed resources, and who already have all the skills they need to be able to manage their own infrastructure.


With Private Cloud,   maximum reliability and security are guaranteed.

The entire infrastructure is highly reliable and fault tolerant. The whole Private Cloud structure is supported by a solid redundant networking component, all at 10 Gbit/sec.  The hardware used to provide the service is redundant and the storage is replicated.

Private Cloud makes use of the products and experience of VMware, the undisputed leader in the field of virtualization, for Cloud infrastructure management.


Aruba Cloud supports the VMware NSX virtualization platform for the Software-Defined Data Center in its Private Cloud solution, natively integrated in VMware vCloud Director.
The new platform lets you implement different network components as required via software, by defining security policies and further requirements of the dedicated infrastructure.
NSX reproduces the whole network model in the software, letting you create and distribute any type of network in a matter of seconds, from the most straightforward to more complex multi-tier networks.
Users can create several virtual networks with different requirements, using a combination of services available via NSX to create intrinsically more secure environments.
Managing your own private cloud and all your computational resources, creating Virtual Servers and managing network resources is done by using the  VMware vCloud Director software, with access protected by username and password. The use of the Software Defined Network allows integration between physical and virtual environments that before now were unthinkable, thus facilitating hybrid architectures either in data centers or onsite.

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