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Private Cloud is an IaaS service, which allows users to create Virtual data centers with virtual servers, firewalls and networks, expanding or reducing as their needs require.
With the Private Cloud users get both computational resources, and network resources for their own exclusive use. The Private Cloud solution gives you greater control over your cloud infrastructure, allowing you to manage all your resources as you choose.

The Private Cloud solution is designed and aimed at an enterprise and business audience, who requires guaranteed resources and is equipped with all the know-how it needs to manage its  infrastructure.

With Private Cloud maximum levels of reliability and security are guaranteed: all the infrastructure is highly reliable and resilient to failures. The entire Private Cloud structure is supported by a solid  redundant networking element, all at 10gbit/sec. The hardware used to provide the service is redundant and the storage is replicated.

Private Cloud makes use of the products and experience of VMware, unquestioned leader in virtualization, to manage its Cloud infrastructure.

Aruba Cloud supports the VMware NSX virtualization platform for the Software-Defined Data Center in its Private Cloud solution, natively integrated in VMware vCloud Director. The new platform lets you implement different network components as requested via software, by defining security policies and further requirements for the dedicated infrastructure. NSX reproduces the whole network model in the software, letting you create and distribute any type of network in a matter of seconds, from the most straightforward to more complex multi-tier networks. Users can create several virtual networks with different requirements, using a combination of services via NSX to create intrinsically more secure environments.

Managing your private cloud and all the computational resources, creating Virtual Servers and managing the network resources, can all be done by using the VMware vCloud Director software, through password protected log-in. Using the Software Defined Network allows integration between physical and virtual environments that until now was unthinkable, thus facilitating hybrid architectures either in data centers or onsite.

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The Private Cloud offer allows you to:

  •  Buy the Private Cloud solution scaled to your needs
  •  Pay for the booked resources on a monthly basis
  •  Manage your resources as you please
  •  Change the amount of resources at any time based on your needs

The Private Cloud solution differs from the Cloud Computing service in that it allows users to buy part of our infrastructure specifying the total amount of resources, and managing them directly with the  VMware vCloud Director software.

Here below are the main differences between Cloud Computing (Smart and Pro) and the Private Cloud:

  Cloud Server Smart Cloud Server Pro Private Cloud
Minimum duration One month One hour Monthly
Modalità di pagamento Monthly Hourly Monthly
Provisioning Automatic Automatic Manual within 24 hours
De-Provisioning Automatic Automatic Manual within 24 hours
Guaranteed performances      
SLA 99,80% 99,95% 99,95%
Max CPU per VM 4 8 (50% guaranteed) 32 (100% guaranteed)
Max RAM per VM 8GB 32GB 256GB
Max Disc Space per VM 160GB 500GB x 4HD Unlimited
Type of Storage SSD SAN SAN + SSD + SAS + SATA
Custom Storage      
Redundant hardware      
Replicated storage   In the same DC In a secondary DC
Disk Import/Export      
Choice of CPU/RAM/HD Default amount Free choice Free choice *
Hypervisor VMware VMware, Hyper-V VMware
VMware Enterprise      
VMware Enterprise Plus      
Templates/OS 45 50 Dedicated
Personal Templates      
Datacenter Extension      
Included licenses Windows Datacenter Windows Datacenter  
Managed licenses MS SQL Web/Standard MS SQL Web/Standard All
Plesk Licenses Available for purchase Free for 10 domains Available for purchase
VMware NSX      
Included Public IPs 1 not editable (free) 1 4
Additional Public IPs   Up to 5 On request
Network adapters 1 3 10
Private network      
Bandwidth (In/Out) Limited (monthly) Unlimited Unlimited
Firewall incluso      
Load Balancer      
Unified Storage      
Custom products   Only on Hybrid On Hybrid and Native
Uptime Monitoring Available for purchase 1 free probe Available for purchase
Usage Monitoring     Available for purchase
Scheduled Tasks **      
Consultation requests      
Free Support service      

* Minimum RAM/CPU ratio of 2/1.
** "Edit computational resources" not available for Cloud Server Smart.

The Private Cloud service unlike the Cloud Computing service, provides its resources at a fixed cost and with a monthly billing cycle. The costs are fixed as the quantity of allocated resources is specified at the time of purchase and are charged whether the resources are used or not.
Users can increase or reduce the amount of resources they allocate to their Private Cloud at any time. However it is only possible to downgrade the resources which are not in use.

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