Private Cloud

Manage your virtual data center with VMware

Create, expand and reduce your data center to suit you

Aruba Private Cloud is an IaaS that supports the VMware NSX virtualization platform for the software-defined data center, natively integrated with VMware Cloud Director.

These features guarantee maximum compatibility and integration with other virtualization platforms.

With Private Cloud, you can manage all of your computational and network resources and create virtual data centers with virtual machines, firewalls and networks. Plus, you will have dedicated resource management , so you can scale your cloud in real time, based on your needs.

Private Cloud is perfect for:


Host web applications and control access to your organization securely.


Convert an existing platform within your Cloud architecture.


Carry out full backups of entire virtual machines to make your Private Cloud even more secure.

Disaster Recovery
as a Service

Protect your infrastructure: both within your company and on the Aruba Private Cloud.

Why choose our Cloud service?

Aruba Private Cloud allows you to create virtual data centers, with dedicated resources you can allocate to suit your needs: they can be adapted in real time via the VMware Cloud Director virtualization platform, based on VMware vSphere.

Dedicated resources

Computational and network resources for your exclusive use.

Full control

Manage configuration and the entire infrastructure yourself thanks to VMware Cloud Director.


Scale the size of your platform in real time.

VMware virtualization

Market-leading software for managing Cloud infrastructures.

Security and reliability

Redundant, failure-resistant networking thanks to replicated storage.

No unexpected costs

Clear monthly fee which you can upgrade or downgrade as required.

Services included

Software defined

VMware Cloud Director is natively integrated with the VMware NSX network virtualization system.


Protection for your Private Cloud couldn't be simpler thanks to firewalls, NAT and load balancing.

Data center

Option to interface your Private Cloud with other infrastructures, such as hybrid clouds or public clouds, based on VMware Cloud Director.


Phone support 24/7 and a team of experts on hand to respond to your support tickets.

Thanks to our expertise on Cloud, we are a VMware Cloud Verified partner, guaranteeing comprehensive, reliable and compatible services. Using Aruba Private Cloud means you can take advantage of all the features of the VMware Cloud infrastructure: flexibility, integration, interoperability and cost optimization.


Private Cloud, how do I get started?

We will help you choose the most suitable solution based on your needs and skills.

Create virtual data centers with clear pricing

vmware Cloud Director

Customize your platform and top up your credit: the cost of the resources you allocate is clear and predictable, and is not subject to any unauthorized changes.

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Choose the plan that best suits you


vmware vSphere

If you don't have any technical expertise, our advisors are here to help you set up the infrastructure that suits you best.

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