Tech Specs – Cloud Object Storage

Aruba's Cloud Object Storage is a solution based on the IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) model, which lets you create and manage storage spaces where you can save all the data you need. It offers secure, reliable, flexible storage for long-term archiving or sending any kind of file to your customers. The Object Storage system saves multiple copies of all your data on different disks and different servers, guaranteeing security and performance.

As Object Storage is based on the HTTP (web)/FTP protocol, you can quickly access your data from your Object Storage structure from any computer, table or mobile device. Unlike a physical solution, the Object Storage service gives you an immediate, economical and scalable archiving system.

Cloud Object Storage
Main features
Price From €3.99 /month + VAT (monthly plan)
From €0.00070 /hour + VAT (pay-per-use)
Payment Pay-per-use on an hourly basis or a prepaid monthly plan
SLA 99.95%
API S3 Compatible
FTP protocol Compatible (Windows/Linux/Mac/Mobile)
Number of Object Storage accounts Unlimited
Maximum number of Buckets Unlimited
Number of objects per Bucket Unlimited
Number of files Unlimited
Number of requests Unlimited
Incoming traffic Unlimited
Number of copies per object uploaded 3 (in separate storage space)
Certification available for the service ISO 9001:2015, ISO 27001:2013
Support Included

Available in multiple data centers:
Può essere attivato nei seguenti paesi

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