Storage location

Aruba's Object Storage system offers customers the opportunity to choose where to locate and archive their data.

The Object Storage infrastructure is based in our international network of data centers physically located in different European countries. Users are free to choose the data center and therefore the country from which to provide their archived data.

The technology used and the process for supplying the Object Storage service are identical for each data center and for each country, making it easier to use the service, as well as facilitating the interface.
In contrast, the archiving and location of data complies with the different laws in force in the countries in which the data centers are located.

The location is a deciding factor for many business requirements and strategies, and is essential for Disaster Recovery policies. The option to replicate your data at different data centers in different countries significantly improves data security as well as the possibility of accessing it in the event of connection issues.

We currently offer our Object Storage service via 8 data centers spread out across Europe, in the United Kingdom, France, the Czech Republic, Germany, Italy and Poland.

The possibility of being able to choose the data center for archiving makes Aruba Cloud Object Storage solutions unique and unrivalled.