Popular uses of Cloud Object Storage

Archive and distribute content

With our Object Storage platform you can transfer your entire storage infrastructure to our Cloud and easily archive your data, without limitations of quantity or data type. This way, you can take advantage of the Cloud flexibility, increasing and reducing your resources based on your needs, and using a pay-per-use system. Thanks to the geographic localization of our Servers, you can provide all the data you want to your users directly from the Datacenter closest to them, speeding up operations and maximizing user-experience.

Archive data for analysis

With the development of Big Data practices (big datasets, made up of data of various nature, which require fast processes in real time) and the increase in quantity of accumulated information, archiving and analyzing the data has become a real challenge. Thanks to our infrastructure, you can store any type of data, archive them and then analyze them, display them when you need to and delete them when you no longer need them. It is possible to use specific applications found on the Cloud Servers of the Cloud Computing service to perform analysis of the data hosted in your Cloud Object Storage.

Data backup and archiving

Thanks to the resilience of our storage system, the Object Storage service represents a platform with high availability and high performance, in which to store and archive the most critical data at a convenient cost. This ensures a level of security that you could never reach with a solution developed using common technologies. Using the most popular connection clients, it is possible to schedule automatic backups of your data.

Disaster Recovery

The technologies used by the Object Storage system create the ideal conditions for providing unique Disaster Recovery solutions. Thanks to the localization of our Servers, you can easily replicate your data in our Datacenters in Italy and in other European countries and always use one as reference, both in case of problems with connection, and should you need to redistribute the data from one specific place.