Features – Cloud Object Storage

Cloud Object Storage allows you to make the most of the benefits and flexibility offered by the cloud, letting you increase and reduce your storage resources as you go.

Low cost

The technology that we use means we can offer the service at a fantastic price: the price you pay depends on the space that you use and your outgoing traffic, while requests and incoming traffic are unlimited and free.
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Our Object Storage service uses the same model as the Cloud, so the amount of space available is virtually unlimited. The pay-per-use price plan lets you use all the space you need. The monthly plan can be adjusted at any time to suit your needs.

Stress free

The technology we use for our storage service allows you to easily handle peaks of (incoming and outgoing) traffic as well as large volumes of requests, guaranteeing continuity of service without the risk of slowing down the service or congestions. All data is backed up on 3 separate storage devices.

100% yours

Whatever kind of data is archived in our Object Storage system is, and will remain, yours and yours alone. Using, accessing, sharing, editing and transferring data to other geographical locations depend exclusively on your own needs and preferences.

Interfacing with your Cloud Object Storage

Object Storage WebClient

Object Storage WebClient

Object Storage Web Client is an online application that lets you use the Object Storage service without needing to install any dedicated connection client on your device.



APIs, are tools available to programmers who want to manage all the functions themselves.

Pannello di gestione

Control panel

With the Control Panel you can create and manage the Object Storage accounts you need to use the service.



Direct Access to the data distributed to HTTP/HTTPS/FTP/FTPS protocols via a front-end interface.