Object Storage

Advantages of our Cloud Object Storage

Our service has been developped with the market and our existing customers in mind. It therefore replies to these specific needs:

Cost effective

Payment based on use of the resources
The technology we use allows us to provide the service at a convenient price: the costs you bear only depend on the space that you use and on the outgoing traffic, whereas the requests and incoming traffic are unlimited and free.

The cost of the service therefore depends on the use of the resources and varies based on this. Different plans are available depending on your preferences: The Pay-Per-Use plan or the Monthly Pack plan with a fixed monthly cost. See our price lists.


Unlimited space for archiving data
The Object Storage service follows the Cloud model, therefore the quantity of space you get is virtually unlimited. There are no problems with finishing space for the Pay-Per-Use rate plans. Should you choose a fixed tariff plan (with a pre-established limit of space) you can upgrade it whenever you want, based on your needs, and even activate automatic upgrades when you reach the limit.

Improved performances
The technology used in the storage service allows you to deal with traffic peaks (incoming and outgoing) and requests in total safety, ensuring continuity in the performances, and avoiding slowdowns and congestions in the service.

Unified management of the Cloud Computing and Object Storage services
Our platform has been designed to ensure you can store all the data you want, without limitations of capacity or of type of data, and organize it as you prefer. You can create various Object Storage accounts within your account, so you can separate the different sets of data, and manage them from the same Control Panel. The Cloud Computing and Object Storage services use the same interface and the same credit balance from your Aruba Cloud account.

Compatibility with other storage solutions
Our system is compatible with the S3 API, so it can be used with common connection clients which use this protocol such as CloudBerry. Furthermore the compatibility with the S3 API means you can switch from one provider to another without changing the management tools of your storage.


Archive the data in total safety
The Cloud Object Storage service is based on a technology which ensures high storage capacity, simplicity in operations and complete control of the data. The design of the infrastructure consists in a distributed intelligence featured system which does not present vulnerabilities.

All the data is replicated on 3 separate storage devices and both the resilience, and the self-healing capacity are crucial features of the Object Storage system. Updates in the technology or on the hardware don’t require any data migration or downtime. Please visit the Technology section for more information.

Guarantee of property of the archived data
Any type of data that is archived in our Object Storage system is, and shall remain, exclusively your property. Use, access, sharing, editing and transfer to other geographic areas are operations which only depend on your needs and choices.

Select the geographic area where to locate and archive the data
Our international network allows you to use the storage space in various European countries. Thanks to this, you can provide data to your users from the Datacenter found in the country you prefer, based on the needs of your business. Data localization and archiving is performed in accordance with the laws in force in the selected country. As for the transfer of data, this also depends on your choices: the data will remain in the country that you prefer unless you decide to transfer them.

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