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The Cloud Backup infrastructure consists in a series of Storage Vaults capable of storing and protecting vast amounts of data, available for access through secure and protected connections. The backups you create can be managed from the Backup Control Panel, a simple and powerful web-based user interface accessible from any browser.

The data you wish to make a copy of, can be stored at our data centers, data centers of other providers or at your own premises. The backup data is transmitted to the Storage Vaults across direct encrypted connections, which are compressed and deduplicated, ensuring optimum performance in terms of speed, significantly helping you save on time and bandwidth consumption, guaranteeing maximum security standards. Your Servers and the Aruba Cloud Backup infrastructure transmit data using AES encryption, and security protocols (AES, SSL);  advanced deduplication systems and backup data compression, transmitting only new and changed data, speeding up the transmission process (limiting bandwidth use for users) and offering storage capacity savings.
Likewise the backup data saved and stored in the Storage Vaults is encrypted and can only be decrypted using your management account.

Using a simple backup Agent to install on the clients or servers you wish to perform the backup on, it is possible to save and  protect your mission-critical data. From the Backup Control Panel you can create and manage even backups of complex and  distributed systems with a few simple clicks. The backup Agent and the Backup Control Panel allow you to manage all your  backups safely, efficiently, quickly and with maximum reliability, on any platform and operating system, for any type of  physical or virtual Server.

The technology and security standards of our Cloud Backup service allow you to respect any policy on privacy, availability and secure storage. Through the intuitive Backup Control Panel users can easily configure the data retention period to meet any retention policy.

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