Features - Cloud Backup

Cloud Backup is a service that enables you to create and configure automatic backups. It's the ideal solution for securely managing and maintaining your backups in line with your disaster recovery policies.


Backups can be scheduled on an hourly, daily or weekly basis, or at specific times, and stored in our data centers with protected and exclusive access to your Aruba Cloud account.


With the Cloud Backup service, creating, scheduling and restoring backups could not be simpler: all operations and configurations are managed through one graphical user interface (Control Panel).


Backups can be created and managed for your Cloud Servers and your physical servers, whether they are hosted in the Aruba data center, by another provider or in your own offices.

Suited to every requirement

With both backup plans and pay-per-use solutions, the Cloud Backup service offered by Aruba Cloud is suitable for every customer's requirements.

The deduplication and compression systems enable you to save on bandwidth usage and network load. After the first backup, following backups are incremental and only record changes and any new data, significantly reducing the space required (and therefore the cost), even in case of numerous copies.

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Minimum first top-up of €10