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Safeguard your data with aruba cloud backup

Cloud Backup features

Cloud Backup is a service which allows you to create and configure automatic backups. It’s the ideal solution for those who wish to manage and safeguard their backups following their disaster recovery policies.
The backups can be scheduled hourly, daily, weekly or when specified; they are saved and stored within our data centers with protected and exclusive access to your Aruba Cloud account.

 Easy use

With the Cloud Backup service creating, managing and restoring your backups is simple: all operations and configurations can be managed from a single intuitive interface (Backup Control Panel).


You can schedule backups for any requirement and at any frequency. Backups can be scheduled for entire virtual machines or physical servers with any operating system, or for specific folders or single files.


The Cloud Backup service guarantees maximum security when transferring and connecting your data using encryption systems (AES), and security protocols (AES, SSL). Once the backups have been created, the data is encrypted and stored in the Storage Vaults and the encryption keys will be those (exclusive) keys associated with your account.


When transferring and storing the data, advanced deduplication and compression systems are applied. This allows you to  limit the use of your bandwidth when transferring data to the Cloud Backup, transmitting only new or changed data, making it a high performance service in terms of speed.


As mentioned above, the deduplication and compression systems allow you to minimize bandwidth usage and network loads, but above all they can help you save on storage space needed to store the backups, related to your rate plan. After the first  backup, the following backups will concern only changed or new data, significantly reducing the space usage (and therefore the cost), even in cases of numerous copies.

 For any platform

The Cloud Backup service is extremely versatile: you can create and manage backups for your Cloud Servers and your physical Servers, whether they are hosted at the Aruba data centers, data centers of other providers or at your own premises. It is possible to  create backups for physical Servers which run on any operating system and version, or of entire virtual machines (Cloud Servers or VPS) on VMware or Hyper-V hypervisor.

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