Technical specifications – Cloud VPS

Our Cloud VPS plans guarantee excellent performance, thanks to the latest technology and enterprise-level connectivity, at a totally unbeatable price!

With this solution you will have a virtual server that's easy to set up (lots of templates and preconfigured operating systems) and manage thanks to our built-in control panel.

Cloud VPS
Price from 1€/month*
Payment Monthly
Template/OS 45
Storage type Full SSD
Public IPs (IPv4) 1 non-editable (free)
Public IPs (IPv6)** Class/64 free
Network adapters 1
Hypervisor VMware
Load Balancers Optional
Uptime monitoring Optional
Usage monitoring  
Plesk licenses Optional
Scheduled tasks***  
Extra Control  
SLA 99,80%
Consultation Optional
24/7 support  
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* The price of 1€ per month is only valid for deployments made for data center DC1/IT1 or DC3/CZ1. New deployments made for data center DC2/IT2, DC4/FR1, DC5/DE1,DC6/UK1 or DC8/PL1 will be priced at €4,99/month.

**Maximum limit of 16 IPv6 simultaneous in use. Please contact support if you need to remove this limit.

***Computational resources cannot be changed.

Operating systems and applications

Lots of preconfigured templates available, including:


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(*) Aruba will give you a voucher worth € 2 to spend on any Cloud product