Cloud PRO

Our Cloud PRO is redundant and the resources of your infrastructure of Server Pro are guaranteed, without overbooking or overselling. Use the calculator to choose what resources you need to configure and get a preview of the hourly and monthly costs of the individual machines you create.

The price of 1€ per month for Cloud VPS size Small, is only valid for activations made for data center DC1/IT1, DC2/IT2 or DC3/CZ1. New activations made for Cloud VPS size Small, for data center DC4/FR1, DC5/DE1 or DC6/UK1, will be priced at €4,99/month.


Per-hour billing with charges limited to the resources you actually use.

Unlimited traffic

You will never be charged for the amount of data sent to or received from an Aruba Cloud Server Pro.

Only pay for what you use, and the prices are clear from the start: there are no activation or final balance costs and you won't be charged for any data you send or receive. Aruba Cloud Server Pro solutions can be purchased for just 1 hour!

Services included


Public IP

The public IP associated with every Server Pro is included in the price of the cloud server.


Free Monitoring

A monitoring check included for every VM activated within your Aruba Cloud Server Pro.


Plesk Incluso

Every Aruba Cloud Server Pro comes with a license for "Plesk 10 domains".


Windows Licence

The cost of a Windows license is included in the price of each cloud server.

Price list


vCPU - for 1 virtual CPU 0.020/hour
RAM - for 1 GB 0.004/hour
HD - for 10 GB 0.002/hour
vCPU - for 1 virtual CPU 0.025/hour
RAM - for 1 GB 0.005/hour
HD - for 10 GB 0.002/hour
Low Cost Hyper-V  
vCPU - for 1 virtual CPU 0.010/hour
RAM - for 1 GB 0.004/hour
HD - for 10 GB 0.002/hour


Microsoft SQL Server  
2008* / 2008 R2 / 2012 / 2014 Web 18.00/calendar month
2005* Workgroup 55.00/calendar month
2005* / 2008* / 2008 R2 / 2012 / 2014 Standard 270.00/calendar month
Remote Desktop Services  
Windows 2012 R2 64bit - RDS (5 CAL) 20.00/calendar month
Windows 2012 R2 64bit - RDS (10 CAL) 40.00/calendar month
Windows 2012 R2 64bit - RDS (15 CAL) 60.00/calendar month
Windows 2012 R2 64bit - RDS (30 CAL) 120.00/calendar month
Plesk - 10 domain names 1 FREE
Plesk - 10 domain names - Linux 5.00/month
Plesk - 10 domain names - Windows 5.00/month
Plesk - Unlimited domain names - Linux 15.00/month
Plesk - Unlimited domain names - Windows 15.00/month
Plesk Extensions  
1 Language Pack 4.00/month
Customer & Business Manager 15.00/month
PowerPack 5.00/month
Web Presence Builder - 100 WebSites 7.50/month
Web Presence Builder - 1000 WebSites 15.00/month


Additional Public IPv4 0.005/hour
  IPv6 class /64 per IPv4 -FREE-
Single Virtual Switch 0.010/hour
Single Load Balancer 7.50/month
  SMS notification 0.10/SMS
FTP - 50 GB disk space (per data center) -FREE-
  Additional 10 GB 0.002/hour
Unified Storage 100 GB 75.00/month
  Additional 100 GB 50.00/month


Consultation services 50.00/hour

All prices are excluding VAT * Only available for renewals ** Unit prices for Server Pro

Licenses are purchased with the templates that use them or as separate extensions. Prices can be calculated on the monthly basis of 30 days or per calendar month. In the first case, the license can be used for 30 days from the purchase date. In the second, the price is calculated per calendar month, so the license period is subject to the day of purchase. We recommend purchasing these licenses in the first few days of the month to use them to the full.

Operating systems and applications

Lots of preconfigured templates available, including:


Start using Aruba Cloud


(*) Aruba will give you a voucher worth € 2 to spend on any Cloud product