Scheduled Tasks

Aruba Cloud Scheduled Tasks is a very useful tool for managing Cloud Servers that performs operations in specific schedules.
This tool is found in the control panel and is essential for programming single or recurring tasks and can be run on any Cloud Server.
There are two types of Scheduled Tasks:

  • single task - a task which runs only once on a specific date and time;
  • recurring task - a task which is repeated and runs (hourly, daily, weekly or monthly) at certain intervals;

All single or recurring Scheduled Tasks (still to be executed) can have their contents changed, be enabled or disabled, or be deleted at any time.

With the Scheduled Tasks it is possible to schedule the following tasks on the Cloud Servers:

  • switch on
  • switch off
  • forced switch off
  • edit computational resources (vCPU and RAM) Cloud Server Pro
  • create a Snapshot
  • restore a Snapshot
  • delete a Snapshot
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