Flexibility and security of Cloud PRO

Cloud PRO are designed to meet the needs of Aruba Cloud's business customers. Every single component and technical feature of our Server Pro solutions can be customized and configured to suit you.

Server Pro solutions boast excellent performance in terms of speed and computational capacity, as well as offering guaranteed security of redundant SANs.

In addition, you have the option to choose between hourly billing in advance, based on usage (pay-per-use) or through a prepaid monthly or yearly plan, with variable costs depending on whether the cloud server is on, off or archived.

One of the features that makes the Server Pro stand out is the freedom of choosing the hypervisor on which you create your Cloud Server. Aruba Cloud offers both VMware and Hyper-V.

Server Pro with Hyper-V manager use 1000 Mbit/s network adapters.
Hyper-V is recommended for Windows installations and supported Linux distributions (RedHat/CentOS).

Server Pro with VMware manager use 1000 Mbit/s network adapters.
You can use vSphere management software to control your Cloud Server directly from your desktop. VMware is recommended for all types of Linux installations.

Cloud PRO

Unlike the Smart option, the Server Pro can be connected to each other through Virtual Switches, in a private network. At the same time, they can be connected to a number of different technological and specialist services, including for example Load Balancers. Server Pro solutions have a connection speed of 1000 Mbit/s and there are no network traffic limits to the Internet or private networks.

On top of this, with Cloud Servers you can enjoy the benefits of countless advanced technical functions, such as Snapshots, disk image Imports and Exports.

All of this, plus much more, make Cloud Servers the best choice for creating your own virtual infrastructure. The wide choice of templates and operating systems, combined with highly flexible configuration options make Cloud PRO suitable for all types of use and network appliance. What's more, great value for money is guaranteed with a choice of billing options between paying per hour in advance or prepaid monthly or yearly plans.

Differences between Cloud PRO and Cloud VPS

Our Cloud PRO offers almost infinite scalability, as well as incredible flexibility.

Choose between a great value solution such as Cloud VPS or a high performance, professional and custom solution such as Cloud PRO.

The main differences between the two solutions are set out below.

  Server Pro Server Smart
Prices from €16.56 /month + VAT
(€0.023 /hr + VAT)
from €2.79 /month + VAT
Billing Hourly / Monthly / Yearly Monthly
Guaranteed performances    
Redundant hardware    
Choice of CPU/RAM/HD Free choice Default amount
Template/OS 40 37
Type of Storage Redundant SAN On-board SSD
Public IPs (IPv4) Up to 5 (1 free) 1 non-editable (free)
IPv6 / 64 class per IPv4*    
DDoS protection    
Network adapters 3 1
Private network    
Bandwidth (In/Out) Unlimited Limited (monthly)
Hypervisor VMware, Hyper-V VMware
Load Balancers    
Uptime Monitoring 1 free check Available for purchase
Usage Monitoring    
Plesk Licenses Available for purchase Available for purchase
Scheduled tasks**    
Disk Import/Export    
SLA 99.95% 99.80%
Free Support    
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Minimum first top-up of €10


*Maximum limit of 16 IPv6 simultaneous in use. Please contact support if you need to remove this limit.

**Computational resources cannot be changed for Cloud Server Smart.

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Minimum first top-up of €10