Cloud Bare Metal Backup

What is it?

The Cloud Bare Metal Backup service enables you to carry out backups of your Virtual Private Cloud virtual machine based on image technology and works closely with the virtualization hypervisor, without needing to install backup agents on the VMs you want to protect. The collaboration with Veeam, innovative provider of Availability solutions, offers full protection for virtual machines.

Security of archived data is guaranteed by the anti-ransomware feature, which lets you create a frozen copy of the data being backed up. What's more, a second copy of the backup can be created on a geographically separate data center, ensuring that the "3-2-1 backup rule" (requiring storage of an off-site copy) is respected.

Cloud Bare Metal Backup lets you recover a whole virtual machine on the original host or on a different host, including quick rollback where only data blocks that have been changed are recovered. The technology used, by not relying on the network capacity and the resources of the virtual machines for the transfer of data ensures minimum overhead and maximum transparency in execution. The protected virtual machine is fully preserved regardless of the installed operating system.

Given the purely infrastructural nature of the service, Cloud Bare Metal Backup can be used in addition to Cloud Backup which together provide total protection, from the image of the machine to the application-level and file system-level. This solution also allows you to perform a quick recovery of individual files on the VM and virtual disks and, via a simple online control panel, back up the vApps and VMs of your organization, defining the preferred frequency and persistence. You can also recover either the whole machine that has been backed up or each individual file.

The backup technology integrates with the hypervisor of the Virtual Private Cloud service and with the protection mechanisms offered by VMware guaranteeing consistency and performance. It also includes native integration with Microsoft’s VSS (through VMware tools) to ensure application-level consistency. Because data is stored on remote storage, recovery is possible even in case of complete loss or corruption of the production storage, ensuring a complete recovery of entire vApps.

Support and SLA

Aruba Virtual Private Cloud offers two different support channels: phone support and support via our ticket system. In both cases, customers can talk to our team of technical experts who can solve infrastructure problems in the service.


Technical Support

Hours Average response time
24/7/365 15 minutes

Admin Support

Hours Average response time
Mon-Fri 08.30-18.00 15 minutes
Uptime Guarantee: 99.80% on an annual basis

General features of the Service

Technical Specifications
Service SLA 99.80%
Support Included via support ticket and phone
Billing period Monthly
Minimum subscription 1 month
Data centers available for deployment IT1, IT3, CZ1, FR1, PL1

Software features

Technical Specifications
Software used Veeam vCloud Backup
Control system Web HTTPS panel found in each data center enabled for the service.
Integration with vCloud Complete. Customers access in SSO (single-sign-on) with the same vCloud login details and can operate on their vAPPs and their VMs in order to protect them.
Define custom backup plans Yes. Create daily, weekly and monthly plans and also select the backup start time.
Granular recovery Yes. It is possible to recover single files or entire folders.
Recovery on different machine Yes, for each machine.
Disk space reduction systems Yes. Through data deduplication and compression.

Technical Support features

Technical Specifications
24/7 support  
Availability of technical support service 24/7/365 with 15 minute average response time

Protect your infrastructure from ransomware on Aruba Cloud

Adopt an anti-ransomware strategy for your on-premises platform or Hosted Private Cloud. Create an encrypted, off-site, secondary backup copy that is secure and tamper-proof in an Aruba Data Center, in a matter of seconds.

Veeam Cloud Connect Backup keeps your data safe by following the "3-2-1 rule", which involves storing a copy of the data off-site.

Please contact our team of experts to request the service.

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Operating systems and applications

Lots of preconfigured templates available, including: