VMware vCloud Director

The virtualization infrastructure of the Private Cloud is based on VMware vCloud Director and on VMware vSphere.

VMware vCloud Director is natively integrated with the VMware NSX network virtualization system.

To create and manage the Private Cloud involves simple steps:

  1. Select your Private Cloud resources
  2. Create your infrastructure with VMware vCloud Director
  3. Manage your private infrastructure using VMware vCloud Director

Just as simple and quick is the provisioning and management of your Private Cloud infrastructure with VMware vCloud Director, allowing you to adjust and adapt the infrastructure to the speed of your business.

With VMware vCloud Director you can manage your Private Cloud infrastructure in just a few minutes as if it were your personal virtual data center:

  •  VMware vCloud Director provides the administrator with a set of tools to manage and distribute the computational, storage and network resources. VMware vCloud Director applies all the principles of pooling, abstraction and automation allowing full management of the Private Cloud resources without having to worry about managing the hardware.
  •  VMware vCloud Director enables you to improve efficiency by specifically tailoring each single resource for each virtual server, optimizing the costs of the IT infrastructure, no longer having oversized machines.
  •  With VMware vCloud Director creating, configuring and managing load-balancing systems is easier and faster.
  •  VMware vCloud Director offers lots of preconfigured templates and also allows you to create customized templates for creating as many virtual machines as you need. This enables you to standardize the resources and simplify maintenance.
  •  You can take snapshots of your virtual machines, saving them so you can then unwind any changes made without needing to recreate them.
  •  With VMware vCloud Director you can create and manage dedicated VLAN networks. It also allows you to manage multiple levels of networks, like for example, to create a DMZ.
  •  VMware vCloud Director offers maximum simplified protection of your Private Cloud through firewall, NAT and DHCP.
  •  VMware vCloud Director allows you to create a DCE (Data Center Extension) of VMware with which to interface your Private Cloud with other private or public infrastructures. For the DCE both stretched and unstretched configurations are possible.
  •  VMware vCloud Director enables you to manage the entire infrastructure and all the  virtual machines through one single tool logging-in just once in full security.
  •  You can allow access to one or multiple users through a user-friendly web portal. It’s also possible to organize users into groups, and associate them to any type of policy, allocating specific virtual resources or an independent LDAP authentication to each one. Each user can have different thresholds for the use of the virtual resources.

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