Technical specifications – Private Cloud

The Private Cloud solution differs from the Public Cloud (Server Pro) service in that you can purchase part of our infrastructure specifying all the values of your resources, and manage them using the VMware vCloud Director software.


The Private Cloud virtualization infrastructure is based on  VMware vCloud Director and on VMware vSphere. VMware vCloud Director is integrated with the network virtualization platform for the Software-Defined Data Center VMware NSX.

Private Cloud requires 3 simple steps to create your own management system:

1. Choose your Private Cloud resources

2. Create your infrastructure with VMware vCloud Director

3. Manage your private infrastructure with VMware vCloud Director

vmware cloud director

Provisioning and managing your own Private Cloud infrastructure is just as simple and fast with VMware vCloud Director, which lets you adapt the infrastructure to the speed of your business.
With VMware vCloud Director you will be able to manage your Private Cloud infrastructure in minutes, as though it were your very own virtual data center.

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Resource management

VMware vCloud Director applies all the principles of pooling, abstraction and automation, offering you comprehensive management of your Private Cloud resources.

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Greater efficiency

VMware vCloud Director lets you improve efficiency by calibrating every single resource for each virtual server, optimizing the costs of your IT infrastructure.

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Dedicated networks

With VMware vCloud Director you can create and manage dedicated or shared private or public networks. You can also manage multiple network levels, such as, create DMZs.

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DC Extension

VMware vCloud Director lets you create VMware Data Center Extensions and interface your Private Cloud with private or public infrastructures.

Differences between Private Cloud and Cloud Pro

Compare the specs of Cloud Pro vs Private Cloud:

  Cloud Pro Private Cloud
Minimum duration Hourly Monthly
Payment Hourly Monthly
Provisioning Automatic Manual within 24 hrs
De-provisioning Automatic Manual within 24 hrs
Guaranteed performances    
SLA 99,95% 99,95%
Max vCPU per VM 8 (50% guaranteed) 32 (100% guaranteed)
Max RAM per VM 32 GB 256 GB
Max Disk space per VM 500 GB x 4HD Unlimited
Type of Storage SAN SAN + SSD + SAS + SATA
Storage profiles    
Redundant hardware    
Replicated storage In the same DC In a secondary DC
Import/Export Disk    
Choice of vCPU/RAM/HD Free choice Free choice *
Hypervisor VMware, Hyper-V VMware
VMware Enterprise    
VMware Enterprise Plus    
Templates/OS 49 Dedicated
Custom templates    
Data center Extension    
Included licenses Windows Datacenter  
Managed licenses MS SQL Web/Standard All
Plesk licenses Free for 10 domains Available for purchase
VMware NSX    
Included Public IPs 1 4
Additional Public IPs Up to 5 On request
Network adapters 3 10
Private network    
Traffic (In/Out) Unlimited Unlimited
Included Firewall    
Load Balancers    
Unified Storage    
Custom products Only on Hybrid On Hybrid and Native
Uptime monitoring 1 free check Available for purchase
Usage monitoring   Available for purchase
Scheduled Tasks **    
Extra Control    
Disaster Recovery Self or assisted
DRaaS - Zerto
Bare Metal Backup Self or assisted
BaaS - Veeam
Consultation Requests    
Guaranteed support    

* Minimum RAM/vCPU: 1.5/1.

** "Changing computational resources" not available for Cloud Server Smart.

Operating systems and applications

Lots of preconfigured templates available, including:


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