Object Storage

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Aruba Cloud Object Storage

The Object Storage service is a product based on the IaaS - Infrastructure as a Service - model which allows you to create dedicated spaces for storing all the data that you want. This tool provides you with a safe, reliable and flexible storage space so you can then distribute any type of file to your customers. The Object Storage system stores your data in multiple copies, on multiple disks and on multiple Servers ensuring greater security.

Given that the Object Storage is based on the HTTP protocol (web), it allows you to access your data easily from any computer, tablet or mobile device. Unlike a physical solution the Object Storage service provides you with an immediate and cheap storage system.

Main features:

  •  Flexibility : space, number of files, unlimited requests and traffic
  •  Security: self-healing technology, for maximum reliability
  •  Pay-per-use : payment of the service based on actual use of the resources
  •  Localization: archive data in your preferred geographic areas
  •  Compatibility: S3 compatible API, for maximum versatility

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