Pre-configured Operating Systems and Templates

Get a Cloud Server up and running in a matter of minutes by choosing from our pre-configured Templates and Operating Systems. Templates are updated continuously based on the characteristics of each hypervisor. Providing the widest range of choice and compatibility is our top priority.

With Aruba Cloud, the license fee is included in the hourly, monthly and yearly cost of each cloud server.

Calculate the cost of your preferred configuration with our online calculator.

Aruba offers a choice of simple "Operating System" templates and “task specific” templates with preinstalled and pre-configured software for free.

For details on the software and configurations, please visit our Knowledge Base.

VMware* Cloud Server Pro Cloud Server Smart

(*) We remind you that the pfSense 2.0 64bit and Endian Firewall Community 2.5 templates are not available for Cloud Server Smart

Our Cloud Servers with Windows template come with either Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter Edition or Windows Server 2016 – 2019 R2 Datacenter Edition.

The license does not increase the cost of the Cloud Server.

  For more details, please visit our Knowledge Base.

windows server

Simple Hosting with Plesk panel

Through our Cloud services it is possible to buy and manage Plesk licences and so use your Cloud Server for hosting services.  

Get your Plesk licenses and select the type and number of extensions you prefer. The licenses have a monthly cost based on the number of managed domains.  

  For more details, see our guides.


Customized Templates Cloud Server Pro

And if you are not satisfied with the Templates and Operating Systems on offer...
In your Cloud Server Pro you can import an entire Virtual Machine from your local infrastructure, the Internet and other Cloud Computing providers, easily and automatically.

  For more details on compatibility, please visit our Knowledge Base.

Create a Cloud Server Pro with a customized template, it's quick and easy!

Find or create your cloud server template

Import your template in your FTP space

Create a Cloud Server Pro using your template

It's done! Your virtual machine is in the Cloud!

Start using Aruba Cloud


Minimum first top-up of €10