Smartphone/Tablet interface

The Aruba Cloud Computing application for Smartphones/Tablets allows you to view the features of the data centers and carry out operations on the Cloud Servers.


The application, compatible with most platforms, also allows you to top-up the credit of the service directly from your Smartphone/Tablet, paying by Paypal or Credit Card*.

All the described functionalities are completely free of charge and can be applied to any platform, regardless of what device is used.

Our application is available on:

Android iOS

With Aruba Cloud Computing for Smartphones/Tablets, you can manage the service also while you are on the move!

Cloud Server List

View the list of active Cloud Servers, details of the configuration of each Cloud Server, the cost per hour and estimates.

Operations on Cloud Servers

Access your Cloud Servers and through a simple operation you can switch the machines on and off and manage the associated resources (RAM, CPU, HD and network adapters).

Create and manage your resources

With this application you can create and manage Virtual Switches and Public IPs and also display the Cloud Monitoring service.

Top-up credit

Top-up the credit of the service directly from your Smartphone simply paying by Credit Card or PayPal*.


The application is compatible with major platforms on the market, to allow management of the Aruba Cloud Computing service from any Smartphone/Tablet!
*Feature available only for Android

Operating systems and applications

Lots of preconfigured templates available, including:


Start using Aruba Cloud


Minimum first top-up of €10