Automation, simplicity, security

Cloud Computing is an infrastructure integrated with hardware and software entirely developed by Aruba which allows users to create, manage, use and connect virtual machines of multiple hypervisors.

The end-user simply selects the operating parameters of the Cloud Server Smart or Pro, while our systems manage data security, the redundancy of computational resources, calculate the costs and take care of the rest for a reactive and safe service.

When creating or making changes to your Cloud Servers or other purchased items, operations are performed within a matter of minutes, allowing you to buy a resource even just for one hour, as in the case of Cloud Server Pro.

Multi Hypervisor Cloud Server Pro
You can create, use and connect Cloud Servers managed by different Hypervisors.
Multi interface Cloud Server Pro
The system can be managed from the Control Panel and the Mobile Apps. And, the APIs of the entire service are public!
Redundancy and Replication Cloud Server Pro
The computational resources and storage use redundancy and replication technologies to ensure maximum data security.
Broad Connectivity Cloud Server Pro Cloud Server Smart
Our network of data centers throughout Europe benefits from a very broad bandwidth.
No Overbooking, No Overselling Cloud Server Pro
The computational resources and storage are always guaranteed and reserved for the user.

Creating a virtual machine is easy and quick!

Log in the Control Panel

Select type and  parameters of your Virtual Machine 

Wait a few minutes

You've done it! Your VM is ready!

How does it work?

The Aruba Cloud Computing solution comes in two Cloud Server options: the Cloud Server Smart cheaper solution and the professional solution with high performances, so-called Cloud Server Pro.

The Cloud Server Pro runs in a series of clusters which implement redundancy mechanisms. Should part of the cluster be subject to a failure, the Cloud Server Pro will be moved to another host. The Cloud Server Smart does not offer redundancy features.

The Cloud Server Pro offers a SAN (Storage Area Network) storage solution with SSD technology and RAID system to ensure maximum security and performance. Also the content of the SAN is replicated in synchronous mode in a twin unit with the same features. The Cloud Server Smart comes with SSD storage with high performances, but unlike the Cloud Server Pro, it's not redundant.

The Cloud Servers can be connected to the Internet via Public IPs and, in case of Cloud Server Pro, can be connected with each other through Virtual Switches, similar to physical Switches in terms of how they work, performance and security.

These features give the Aruba Cloud Computing solution great flexibility and power.

For more information on how the service works, see our Knowledge Base.

Diagram of how the Cloud Server Pro works

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