API – Application Programming Interface

The API of our Cloud Computing services are made available to developers for the management and automation of their virtual infrastructure. They enable developers to self-manage all the functions of virtual machines without going through the regular control panel.


An open and documented system

Aruba Cloud Computing is fully based on public and documented APIs (Application Programming Interface). It is possible to use the service through this application interface which allows you to automate the tasks and integrate our platform in existing services.

With APIs you can create your own control panel, or invent new services using our Cloud Servers and other items at your disposal.
You can integrate certain functions in the services of your company, check your credit balance and the status of your Cloud Servers online, automate tasks and much, much more.


Visit the dedicated section of our Knowledge Base where you will find all the information and examples you need to start using the service straight away!


Create your own control panel with the functions you prefer and customize the service.


The APIs are a quick and direct way to manage the service directly from your preferred programming language.

API documentation and examples

Visit the dedicated section of our Knowledge Base. We documented the commands at your disposal with examples using C# and JAVA code, so you can start developing.

ArubaCloud.com offers you the REST API, the best solution for managing your infrastructure via REST. 

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