Aruba Cloud Startup

Why Cloud & Startup


Cloud technology helps startups find the perfect solution for every stage a business has to go through. With Aruba's Cloud solutions, it's easy to expand your IT infrastructure according to the dynamics of your business. You can start off with a relatively small infrastructure, then gradually expand or scale up as quickly as you like, eliminating latency caused by the management of physical IT architectures.


Reduced costs

Cloud helps reduce costs, combined with constant innovative solutions. Thanks to the different price plans and the pay-per-use model you can optimize how your startup is managed and boost your competitiveness. By taking part in the Aruba Cloud program specifically designed for startups, you can also receive free Cloud credit, exclusive offers at the end of the program and technical training.


Performance and reliability

By growing your business in the Cloud, you can guarantee your users high-quality service, maximum reliability and security. You will have access to all of Aruba Cloud's solutions, the best hardware and software on the market and the latest generation of data centers. For more information about the service, read our SLA.



Operating systems and applications

Lots of preconfigured templates available, including:


Start using Aruba Cloud


Minimum first top-up of €10