Aruba Cloud Startup


The START stage supports tech startups as they develop their business projects and facilitates the implementation of a suitable IT infrastructure with a go-to-market strategy.  

The purpose of the program is to offer your startup the best Cloud technology and innovation in terms of platforms, data centers and technical support, and to help it in the market to nurture its success. By starting to develop on the Cloud now, you will see the incredible flexibility of the resources available to you, as well as appreciate how reliable Aruba Cloud solutions are, all free of charge for three years.

All the selected startups will get:

  • €3000 worth of vouchers, valid for 12 months
  • the same credit every year for three years
  • €9000 of free Cloud credit
  • tutorials, support and special offers at the end of the program

How to join


Fill in the online form and sign up to the program!

If your business idea is suitable for Cloud technology, you will go through to the START stage.
If you are part of an acceleration program with an incubator or accelerator partner please tell us in the form to get even more benefits.

If you have joined an acceleration program:

If you are involved in a different acceleration or incubation program from those offered by our listed partners ask your incubator to become a partner of our program and represent your startup! Aruba Cloud offers both of you exclusive benefits.


Entry criteria

Find out now whether your startup can take part in our program and get up to €9000 of Cloud credit for three years.

All you need to do is make sure your startup fulfils the following criteria:

  • it has been set up for under 36 months;
  • it operates in the field of innovative technology;
  • it is not currently involved in any disputes.

Selection criteria

We START you UP is a program designed for startups which can obtain considerable benefits from working with a Cloud architecture.
Our program encourages tech and innovative startups whose businesses are closely linked to the development of a web-based technology infrastructure:

  • startups that intend to develop extremely innovative products and services in terms of ideas, approach or design;
  • startups with a diverse team and a sustainable business model that can create synergies with Aruba Cloud;
  • startups that can grow quickly and which cannot envisage a linear development of IT resources in their initial stage;
  • startups that are targeting foreign markets but that cannot afford a global infrastructure capable of guaranteeing high levels of performance in relation to the target users.

Assessing business projects

The Aruba Cloud team guarantees that it will analyze and asses all the projects pitched. Any startup that fulfils the eligibility criteria outlined above will be able to take part, represented by one of our partners or signed up individually.

Start using Aruba Cloud


Minimum first top-up of €10