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Incubator and Accelerator Partners

If you want to present your startup to us and sign up to the program, all you need to do is become a partner of We START you UP.

Entry criteria

The following can become partners of the program:

  • private or public incubators
  • business accelerators
  • universities
  • companies working in the field of venture capital

Every application will be considered and assessed by the Aruba Cloud team, who will inform the partner of the result of the application.


All of our partners will be able to put forward startups, already set up or in the process of being set up, which they are in contract with. There is no limit to the number of startups that a partner can present.

For each partner and startup, we will publish the logo on our website, along with a brief company profile. The partner and the startup will also include the We START you UP logo on their website


Our current partners



Venture incubator

Santa Monica

Clhub is a venture incubator and accelerator that engages in investing directly into the creation of new business models.
It consists of a team of young professionals with significant international experience that support the companies and startups from the initial phase to growth and internationalization. The primary focus of the investitures is found in the digital and traditional sectors of Made in Italy, which encompasses products such as food and designs. Clhub points for a professional and qualified development of startups with an incubation program that starts from the idea of the project and goes through every step to the finalization with the market launch. The incubation program starts with a cash-on-hand investment plus different services provided by Clhub, some of those services are mentorship, networking, fundraising, business, marketing, Web development, legal consulting and many other services.



Certified incubator

London, Seattle, Mumbai

H-FARM is a Certified Incubator that does Seed and Early Stage Venture Investments.
The H in the name stands for Human, which underlines the objective of developing initiatives that make operations simpler. Each year H-FARM runs industry-focused acceleration programs with the aim to select, support and invest in the most promising European startups. All programs take place in our Campus, an innovation hub where selected startups experience an immersive 4-month program, surrounded by other startups at different stages, corporates & business leaders, mentors & investors. In particular, H-Farm offer two kinds of programs: H-FARM Acceleration Programs, for young people seeking guidance to develop their innovative enterprise; Corporate Acceleration, which targets the market and enterprises aiming to facilitate change through the energy of young people and their startups. Moreover, through InReach, scaling early stage investments platform, the incubator scouts and selects the more interesting startups across Europe.

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